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Next Deadline for George F. Kennan Fellowship Competition Approaching
Tuesday, Sep 1

The Kennan Institute seeks fellowship applicants from diverse, policy-oriented sectors such as media, business, local government, law, civil society, and academia to examine important political, social, economic, cultural, and historical issues in Russia, Ukraine, and the region. Among the aims of the new fellowships are to build bridges between traditional academia and the policy world, as well as to maintain and increase collaboration among researchers from Russia, Ukraine, and...

The big picture: Debating China’s rebalancing
Brookings Institution • Tuesday, Sep 1

Few words are more frequently mentioned in the context of China’s economic reform agenda than “rebalancing”. What will a rebalanced Chinese economy look like? Has the Chinese leadership come to grips with sources of resistance to change? What is the likely balance and sequencing of local government, banking, exchange rate, and environmental and judicial reform? Two leading analysts of China’s economic and political leadership, Professor David Daokui Li...

Iran’s military shopping spree begins
American Enterprise Institute • Wednesday, Aug 26

When negotiations on the Joint Plan of Action began, the Iranian economy had just shrunk 5.4%. Rather than utilize that leverage to win an agreement with favorable terms, President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry sought to shower Tehran with incentives. With upwards of $100 billion in new investment now due in Tehran (even before Iran demonstrates its full compliance with the nuclear deal), Iranian authorities are starting their shopping spree, with a heavy emphasis...

In defense of wage subsidies for low-income workers
American Enterprise Institute • Wednesday, Aug 26

 AEI’s Mike Strain has written favorably about expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit, as well as the idea of new wage subsidy for the long-term unemployed to make them more employable and provide them with a decent paycheck. The latter might be paired with a lower minimum wage for that group. For example: a $4 an hour minimum wage and a $4 wage subsidy. He suggests paying for it by taking some of the dough the federal government spends on the highest-earning households...

Is the economy of China really so different?
American Enterprise Institute • Wednesday, Aug 26

Prior to most country financial market crises, one finds a whole slew of supposed experts assuring us that this particular country is different. They tell us to disregard the clear flashing of early warning signals — which might have accurately predicted major economic and financial crises elsewhere — since this country is somehow different from and immune to the basic laws of economics. This now seems to be very much the case in China, where there is a whole chorus of...

Why China’s economic woes and Trump’s protectionism are a bad combo
American Enterprise Institute • Wednesday, Aug 26

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump greets supporters during his “Make America Great Again Rally” at the Grand River Center in Dubuque, Iowa, Tuesday, August 25, 2015. REUTERS/Ben Brewer.My pals Larry Kudlow and Steve Moore rightly take Donald Trump to task for his plan to slap a new tariff on Chinese imports. To them it sounds like a Hooveresque replay of Smoot Hawley and the Great Depression. As it happens, Derek Scissors recently had this to say on trade...

Poll reveals implosion in Venezuela
American Enterprise Institute • Wednesday, Aug 26

Shortages, insecurity, corruption, and human rights abuses have become the harsh reality for the Venezuelan people after 16 years of chavismo.Although the regime—along with its Cuban puppeteers—has tried to obscure the gravity of the situation, the compounding crises have pushed the country to the brink of a social explosion.The latest poll results published by the Venezuelan Institute of Data Analysis (IVAD) are devastating for the regime of Nicolás Maduro. For example, 87%  of...

Links and Quotations for August 26, 2015: Stephen Hawking, Uber background checks, “desk-sourcing” your business, and more
American Enterprise Institute • Wednesday, Aug 26

Stephen Hawking’s Voice Is Now Open Source And Free To Download – FastCompanyA chicken sandwich cannot be copyrighted, court rules – ArsTechnicaAn Open Source Map That Tracks the Government’s Hard Work- Wired “Desksourcing” Is A New Labor Market Concept In The Mobile-First World – TechCrunch – “Over the past few months, we’ve witnessed a new type of labor organization that fascinates me. I call it “desksourcing.” Managers in the business world...

Are Iran-Turkey relations on the rocks?
American Enterprise Institute • Wednesday, Aug 26

This blog series analyzes the most important Iran news events of the past week and provides an outlook of the regime’s strategic calculus.Turkey and Iran have historically maintained cordial and generally cooperative relations, but the evolving conflict in Syria may be stretching the limits of Turkish-Iranian cooperation. In Syria, Turkey has been supporting Ahrar al-Sham, an ally of Al Qaeda affiliated Jabhat al-Nusra, against the Iranian backed regime of Bashar al-Assad....

Closing the Planned Parenthood loophole
American Enterprise Institute • Wednesday, Aug 26

Disturbing videos that show Planned Parenthood personnel casually discussing the sale of fetal organs from abortions have caused widespread outrage. As each new video is released, the calls for Congress to cut Planned Parenthood’s federal funding grow stronger. No matter where you stand in that debate, the videos provide unarguable proof that current laws governing the fetal-tissue trade don’t work. Congress must tighten them.The Planned Parenthood logo is pictured outside a clinic...

To liberals, changing the Constitution is only outrageous when a Republican does it
American Enterprise Institute • Wednesday, Aug 26

When is it outrageous to amend the Constitution?Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks at the Iowa Democratic Party’s Hall of Fame dinner in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States, July 17, 2015. ReutersDonald Trump, the front-runner in the race for the Republican nomination, wants to overturn the constitutional guarantee of birthright citizenship. Whether out of panic or sincerity, a number of other Republican candidates have joined the bandwagon. This is...

AEI Public Opinion Study: Economic insecurity
American Enterprise Institute • Wednesday, Aug 26

Read the PDFThe recent decline in China’s economy and its ripple effects in global markets have reignited conversations—and concerns—about the strength of the U.S. economy. The American people share this anxiety, which stems largely from the 2008 financial crisis. We began this public opinion study to understand the public’s reaction to the 2008 crash, and we have updated it several times since then. The polls in this study show that while people’s opinions of their financial...

Home and Community-based Services: Maximizing the Impact of Federal Spending
Bipartisan Policy Center • Wednesday, Aug 26

Most surveys show the overwhelming majority of older adults wish to “age in place” in their own homes and communities for as long as they can. With the senior population on the cusp of a major expansion as the 78 million Baby Boomers head into retirement, the broad availability of home and community-based services and supports (HCBS) that can enable aging in place will become increasingly important. HCBS covers a range of activities, including help with activities of daily living...

Diplomacy at the Top of the World
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace • Wednesday, Aug 26

Geopolitical tensions between Russia and the West have been high in recent years, but there remain areas where constructive cooperation and dialogue remain possible. These include not only acute questions like Iran’s nuclear program, but also long-term issues critical to the Arctic region, such as maritime safety, energy development, responses to oil spills, and fisheries management. James Collins Senior Associate, Russia and Eurasia...

After Nuclear Deal, Which Iran Will Flourish?
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace • Wednesday, Aug 26

The July agreement between Iran and six world powers, which placed limits on Tehran’s nuclear program in exchange for the lifting of economic sanctions, still faces a stern test in the United States Congress. Nonetheless, the Middle Eastern nation’s willingness to even come to the negotiating table has been seen as a possible sign of a progressive political change. Karim Sadjadpour Senior AssociateMiddle East Program ...

Beijing’s Drive to Make the Renminbi a Global Currency is Misguided
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace • Wednesday, Aug 26

China wants the renminbi to be part of the International Monetary Fund’s basket of elite currencies—the Special Drawing Rights—and a major global currency for trade and reserve holdings. For this purpose it sees a stable and strong renminbi as desirable. It also wants the value of the renminbi to be increasingly determined by market forces. But the leadership cannot have it both ways unless it takes a different approach to managing rate adjustments. Its efforts so...

Instability in China
Cato Institute • Wednesday, Aug 26

The plunging Shanghai Stock Exchange and the sudden reversal in the yuan’s appreciation have caused fears to spread beyond China’s borders. Is something wrong with the world’s growth locomotive? In a word, yes. The most reliable approach for the determination of nominal gross domestic product (GDP) and the balance of payments is the monetary approach. Indeed, the path of an economy’s nominal GDP is determined by the course of its money supply (broadly...

New York Welfare: More Generous than Sweden or France
Cato Institute • Wednesday, Aug 26

When they hear the term “welfare state,” most people think of Europe — especially Denmark or France. No doubt those countries offer a wide range of benefits targeted to the middle class, retirees and so forth. But according to a study released by the Cato Institute this week, someone who is poor might just be better off here in New York. The federal government currently funds more than 100 anti-poverty programs. While no one participates in all of them, many can...

Clean Power Plan: Acid Rain Part 2?
Cato Institute • Wednesday, Aug 26

In a recent speech in Washington, D.C., EPA administrator Gina McCarthy dismissed potential criticism of the costs of the new Clean Power Plan by pointing to America’s success in reducing sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions associated with acid rain. She said (correctly) that over the past 40 years, the U.S. slashed SO2 emissions while maintaining a growing economy. She warned darkly of “special interest critics” who would claim the new rules would be a threat to the economy....

The Stock Market and the Limits of Class Warfare
Cato Institute • Wednesday, Aug 26

Hooray! The stock market crashed! Oh, wait — you’re not happy about that? But inequality in America has decreased. Those evil capitalists, Wall Street traders, and Chamber of Commerce types lost billions. This was a dream scenario for the Left and for populists of all stripes. On Monday alone, more than $1.8 trillion in wealth evaporated. After losing a combined $182 billion last week, the world’s 400 richest people lost $124 billion on Monday. Charles Koch alone...


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Government Executive •Wednesday, Sep 9

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