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Justice Dept.: DACA Amnesty Recipients Not a "Protected Class"
Center for Immigration Studies • Monday, Aug 3

An obscure Justice Department entity, the Office of the Chief Administrative Hearing Officer (OCAHO), has just made the citizen/alien/jobs situation a bit more complicated. It has ruled that a former illegal alien who has secured Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) status may be discriminated against in the job market because of that status (see details after the chart). This adds yet another layer to the citizenship-alienage-employment hierarchy, as this chart...

Cheers For Israeli Diplomacy
Institute of World Politics • Monday, Mar 28

While Israel's public diplomacy is a disaster, its official diplomacy in the Arab world, Asia, Africa and Russia has scored notable successes.The "Jerusalem Post's" March 4th Magazine Section's "Hot Off the Arab Press" feature contained an article which appeared in the February 27th issue of Al-Bayan, an Emirati publication. Among other very interesting things, the article stated the following:"Much has been said and written in recent weeks about the governmental changes we...

China Has A Serious Demographic Problem And Its New Two Child Policy Will Not Fix It
Heritage Foundation • Thursday, Nov 5

China’s recent decision to abandon the one-child policy in favor of a two-child policy, while welcome, is neither a fundamental policy shift nor a long-term solution to China’s economic dilemma. At root, the one-child policy was merely another means by which the China maintained control over the Chinese people. The newly invoked two-child policy continues the government’s practice of meddling in personal family decisions. Moreover, it is unlikely to overcome the demographic...

Changing China's North Korea Calculus
Center for the National Interest • Tuesday, Feb 9

Just weeks after its fourth nuclear test, North Korea’s ballistic missile launch over the weekend—in defiance of UN Security Council resolutions—makes it abundantly clear that Pyongyang is racing to build a nuclear weapons arsenal deliverable to anywhere in the world, including the United States.Why wouldn’t they?From the perspective of North Korea’s reclusive, brutal, but highly strategic leadership, nuclear weapons enhance their prestige, increase their ability to extort and...

How The New Left On College Campuses Is Killing Free Speech
Heritage Foundation • Thursday, Mar 3

The role of colleges and universities in America used to be to encourage intellectual thought and discussion. But Charles Kesler, one of America’s most prominent conservative professors and a senior fellow at the Claremont Institute, says free speech and thought are under assault on campuses around the country. Today’s liberal campus protesters, Kesler says in our on-camera interview, “have a sort of psychological fragility which the old ’60s left didn’t exhibit.” “I’m offended”...

Next Week, Italy Will Debate A Proposal To Legalize Cannabis
Open Society Foundations • Thursday, Jul 21

Fabrizio Pellegrini, a pianist and painter from Chieti, Italy, suffers from rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia syndrome, disorders that cause constant pain and make many otherwise simple tasks insurmountable. A combination of cannabis and yoga has proven to be the only therapy that eases his symptoms, allowing him to function independently despite his debilitating condition.Today, however, Pellegrini can’t utilize this treatment, because he is currently serving a three-year...

A Blundering Bad Guy In Vermont And Other EB-5 Notes
Center for Immigration Studies • Friday, May 13

Multiple EB-5 developments — all discouraging for the program's backers — are coming hard and fast as the September 30 termination of the main part of the program looms. Quiros Plays into the Hands of EB-5's Opponents. Perhaps the biggest blow of all came from Ariel Quiros, the Miami developer who is the leading villain in the Vermont EB-5 scandals, according to the Securities and Exchange Commission, as we have noted. Instead of staying away from the press — as his more-or-less...

Goodlatte’s Internet Sales Tax Plan Is Better, But Still Falls Short
Heritage Foundation • Monday, Aug 29

House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., has reignited the debate over state taxes on out-of-state (mostly internet-based) sales in releasing draft legislation to allow such sales to be taxed under simplified rules. The bill—the Online Sales Simplification Act of 2016—is a marked improvement over the fatally flawed Marketplace Fairness Act, which the Senate passed in 2013. Nevertheless, the new bill itself has troublesome shortcomings that must be addressed. The current rules...

Joint Center Hosts June 2016 Roundtable Of The South
The Administrative State Faces A Legitimacy Crisis: So Fix Congress!?
Brookings Institution • Wednesday, Apr 20

In my new Center for Effective Public Management paper, “The administrative state’s legitimacy crisis,” I argue that Americans’ anxieties about our sprawling, largely impenetrable bureaucracy pose a major challenge to the effective working of our government. This work is largely critical in orientation, contending that technocratic defenses of our current arrangements are complacent about citizens’ sense of alienation while at the same time insisting...

RealClear Radio Hour: Endangered Fishermen & Hudson Valley Extinction
Competitive Enterprise Institute • Tuesday, Jan 26

This week’s RealClear Radio Hour brings a blizzard of content directly to your listening device. As those on the east coast recover from the dizzying storm, we think it’s vital to get right back into the policy swing with two very important guests. First up this week is David Goethel, New England groundfisherman and board member of the Center for Sustainable Fisheries. David describes new regulations that even the government expects will bankrupt more than half the industry....

Trump and the GOP: Quién Es el Más Militarista?
Cato Institute • Tuesday, Aug 18

I’d have figured that the category of “Trump supporters who are aware of the Atlantic Monthly” would be an empty set, but it turns out there are at least 30 of them. Last week, in an open letter to Trump fans, the Atlantic’s Conor Friedersdorf asked  “why him?”, and yesterday, he published the results: “What Do Donald Trump Voters Actually Want?” The funniest responses tend toward the nihilistic: “I really am at the point of letting the whole thing burn down and explode…. Like...

Virgin Islands AG Withdraws Climate Change Subpoena Against Think Tank
Heritage Foundation • Monday, May 23

The U.S. Virgin Islands attorney general has revoked his subpoena of the free market think tank Competitive Enterprise Institute as part of an investigation into ExxonMobil Corp. and the energy company’s research about climate change. Claude E. Walker, the the Virgin Islands attorney general, is one of a 17-member network of state attorneys general who are investigating whether Exxon misled the public and investors about the harm of climate change. But Walker went further than the...

Gender, Urbanization, and Democratic Governance
Institute for Women's Policy Research • Friday, Jul 10

With two-thirds of the world’s population predicted to live in urban areas by the year 2050, the global landscape is changing rapidly. Urbanization brings with it numerous benefits, but the growing inequality between and within cities has complicated implications for urban residents, especially for those that have been historically marginalized. For women in particular, accessing the increased social, economic, and political opportunities ostensibly available to them in...

WATCH: ‘Made In Africa’: Experts Debate African Industrialization And Structural Transformation
Brookings Institution • Monday, May 23

Since 1995, Africa’s explosive economic growth has taken place without the changes in economic structure that normally occur as incomes per person rise. In particular, Africa’s experience with industrialization has been disappointing, especially as, historically, industry has been a driving force behind structural change. In order to address this phenomenon, on April 12, 2016, experts on structural transformation in Africa explored the potential for and obstacles to...

Why the Fed’s rate debate is so odd
American Enterprise Institute • Wednesday, Oct 7

Contrary to many people’s expectations, the Federal Reserve refrained last month from raising the interest rate over which it has fairly direct control. That means we can expect several more months of debate over (I’ll simplify slightly) whether the world will end if the Fed raises rates too soon, or if it waits too long.There are two odd things about this debate. The first is that proponents of an interest-rate increase generally treat it as an end in itself. The...

NDI Supports Critical Youth And Women Political Participation Alongside The African Union
National Democratic Institute • Tuesday, Dec 29

“Africa is a better place with youth participation in politics and its future is brighter with women  leadership,” @AUC_DPA tweeted, quoting African Union (AU) Commission Director for Political Affairs (DPA) Khabele Matlosa. Matlosa’s words encapsulated the spirit of the youth pre-forum to the AU’s 4th Annual High-Level Dialogue on Democracy, Human Rights and Governance. The three-day event was an important opportunity for young people from across...

Increasing Prosperity for the Poorest using Social Networks: Guest post by Kathryn Vasilaky
World Bank • Wednesday, Jul 8

Social networks affect all of our lives; the people we know influence what we're exposed to and the actions we take. Gaining weight? Blame your network. Got a job promotion? Thank your network. In the developed world, the term "social networks" often illicits thoughts of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and many, many more. In the rural developing world, networks still depend, for the most part, on offline interactions. Access to information is by word of mouth, and a few...

The Political Implications Of Transforming Saudi And Iranian Oil Economies
Brookings Institution • Thursday, Jun 16

Saudi deputy crown prince and defense minister Mohammad bin Salman is just wrapping up a heavily hyped visit to Washington, aimed at reinforcing the kingdom’s partnership with the United States. Recent years have frayed what is traditionally the central strategic relationship for Riyadh, principally over the Obama administration’s nuclear diplomacy with Iran.Since the conclusion of the Iranian nuclear deal last July, the perennial antagonism between Riyadh and Tehran has reached a...

Harsh Consequences Required For Officers Who Fail To Activate Body Cameras
Cato Institute • Tuesday, Aug 2

Last Thursday, a Chicago police officer shot unarmed 18-year-old Paul O’Neal in the back, killing him. O’Neal reportedly crashed a stolen car into a police vehicle during a chase and then fled on foot. Two officers then fired at O’Neal. This is the kind of incident where body camera footage would be very helpful to investigators. The officer who shot O’Neal was outfitted with a body camera. Unfortunately, the camera wasn’t on during the shooting, raising difficult...


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