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NATO's Endless Caucasian Courtship
Foreign Policy Research Institute • Monday, Sep 28

To fanfare, NATO inaugurated a new (JTEC) near Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, in late August. Though a minor addition to the alliance’s vast constellation of European infrastructure, the new base is notable for being in a non-NATO state, making it a major symbol for Georgia, which has doggedly pursued NATO membership since the late 1990s. The new center is unambiguously good news for Tbilisi — but it is, at best, a consolation prize. That’s because, despite promising to admit...

Calling all big ideas on addressing infrastructure challenges: PPIAF’s new call for proposals
World Bank • Thursday, Oct 15

Anyone who has waited long periods of time at a bus stop or train station for public transportation knows that being late is an inconvenience. But for many people around the world, unreliable or nonexistent public transportation impedes their ability to earn a living.In particular, poorer populations in urban areas who rely heavily on transport services are disproportionately affected by obstacles to accessing transport services. In rapidly urbanizing areas, where mayors and other...

Obamacare: the business world's biggest disruptor
Brookings Institution • Tuesday, Jun 30

The Affordable Care Act has altered competition and operates under a purely digital business model. While the U.S. Supreme Court has removed much of the uncertainty surrounding the future of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the impact of this far-reaching change in U.S. health care financing and delivery will be a complex story unfolding gradually for years to come. The ACA is a huge “disruptive innovation,” to borrow a popular term from the business school...

Boost Support for TPP by Rethinking ISDS
Cato Institute • Wednesday, Jul 8

President Obama’s approach to trade policy has not been particularly adroit. After running for office as a protectionist, he later decided to support freer trade, but never found a way to explain that shift to most of the Democratic Party. Passage of trade promotion authority (TPA) under difficult circumstances allows the administration to conclude the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), but congressional approval of that pact should not be taken for granted. This is not a time...

Mackubin Thomas Owens: Obama orchestrates America's decline
Foreign Policy Research Institute • Tuesday, Aug 18

In his 1897 poem "Recessional," Rudyard Kipling lamented the decline of British power, which had helped to establish and maintain a liberal world order since the defeat of Napoleon in 1815. Pursuing a grand strategy of primacy, Britain provided an international “public good,” underwriting the security upon which global stability, interdependence and prosperity depend.By balancing power on the European continent and enforcing freedom of navigation and supporting free trade, Britain...

RFK, Theodore White, and the Great Debate over Immigration
Center for Immigration Studies • Wednesday, Sep 30

In 1968, when Robert F. Kennedy was a senator from New York campaigning for the presidency, he frequently made a call to idealism that survives as a quotation vividly tied to his memory: "Some men see things as they are and say, why? I dream things that never were and say, why not?" Over the past several months, as I researched the transformative 1965 Hart-Celler Immigration Act to write the paper we will release Thursday at the National Press Club, I thought often of Kennedy's...

What is Geopolitics and Why Does It Matter?
Foreign Policy Research Institute • Tuesday, Oct 13

In honor of FPRI's 60th Anniversary, this lecture traces the intellectual roots of FPRI's approach to Geopolitics, as initially formulated by its founder Robert Strausz-Hupé, and considers how this approach contrasts with other intellectual traditions, to help illuminate FPRI's ongoing role in the formulation and discussion of American foreign policy.

Enlisting Ethiopia’s Orthodox Church to address population, climate change, and cultural heritage
Worldwatch Institute • Tuesday, Jul 14

Endowed with natural and cultural attractions, Ethiopia has set its sights to be one of Africa’s top tourist destinations. In recent years, it has crafted an innovative sustainable approach to its tourism sector as a means to promote conservation and create job opportunities for its burgeoning population.According to the latest United Nations medium-variant projections, the population of Ethiopia—Africa’s second most populous country—is expected to nearly double from just under 99...

One-pager: US food aid pouring money down the drain
American Enterprise Institute • Tuesday, Sep 29

Parachute riggers from the Aerial Delivery Platoon prepare food aid and water for delivery. US Army | FlickrNew AEI research suggests that all three US international food aid programs face rules that limit their efficiency in meeting their primary objective: providing aid to hungry children and adults in extremely poor countries that face severe food crises. Below are the key findings:Download the printable versionFood aid wasteSince the 1980s, the management of US emergency food...

Misinformation Hinders Debate on THAAD Deployment in Korea
East-West Center • Tuesday, Aug 11

Dr. Woo Jung-Yeop and Eileen Block, Director and Assistant Director, respectively, of the Washington, DC office at the Asan Institute for Policy Studies, explain that “Rather than focus only on China’s reactions, South Korean policymakers and the public need to pay more attention to issues of THAAD feasibility and cost.”The views expressed in this publication are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the policy or position of the East-West Center or any organization...

Inside the US Air War Against ISIS
Heritage Foundation • Monday, Sep 28

U.S. ARMED FORCES, Iraq—The air war against ISIS is a tricky one for U.S. pilots. Without American troops on the ground, it’s hard to tell friend from foe. In Operation Inherent Resolve—the coalition air war against ISIS—airstrikes are based on information relayed from airborne intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) aircraft, both manned and unmanned, as well as from foreign ground forces such as the Iraqi Security Forces and the Kurdish Peshmerga. “There’s lots of...

Europe's disgrace
World Bank • Tuesday, Sep 22

A general sense of panic is dominating media coverage of what has come to know as Europe's 'refugee crisis'. It conveys the image of a massive exodus going on from the Middle East and Africa to Europe, with European countries struggling to control borders in order to prevent an invasion from happening. To be sure, we are dealing with a grave humanitarian tragedy, that need urgent addressing. Yet the idea that we are facing a biblical, uncontrollable exodus is sheer nonsense. This...

Closing the Planned Parenthood loophole
American Enterprise Institute • Wednesday, Aug 26

Disturbing videos that show Planned Parenthood personnel casually discussing the sale of fetal organs from abortions have caused widespread outrage. As each new video is released, the calls for Congress to cut Planned Parenthood’s federal funding grow stronger. No matter where you stand in that debate, the videos provide unarguable proof that current laws governing the fetal-tissue trade don’t work. Congress must tighten them.The Planned Parenthood logo is pictured outside a clinic...

About Poland and the Poles
Institute of World Politics • Wednesday, Jul 8

Zdzisław (Richard) Zakrzewski (1919 - 2013) was a Polish-American optical engineer, philanthropist, banker, a veteran of Poland's defensive struggle in September 1939 and the Battle of Narvik, and a social and political activist - a true polymath and hero. Mr. Zakrzewski was also a great friend of The Institute of World Politics and a generous supporter of the Kościuszko Chair of Polish Studies. We are thus making available a PDF of his book, O Polsce i Polakach [About...

Global Tax Bullies
Cato Institute • Tuesday, Sep 29

Are you aware that there is an international effort to increase taxes, including those paid by Americans? On Oct. 5, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development(OECD) will release its “final package of measures for a co-ordinated international approach to reform the tax system under the OECD/G20 Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) Project.” In plain English, what theOECD bureaucrats are attempting to do is put in place minimum international corporate...

What the China Currency Depreciation Means for the Chinese Model–and for the US
Progressive Policy Institute • Thursday, Aug 13

I argue here that critics of China’s recent currency depreciation are missing the big picture. First, depreciation is a desperate measure which is a sign of the coming implosion of the Chinese economic model. Second,  depreciation is a double-edged sword for China, because the Chinese export machine is heavily dependent on imported components that will rise in prices with depreciation. Third, the ultimate effect of a China economic implosion will be to send US interest rates...

Pictures For The Pope And Progressives
Cato Institute • Friday, Oct 23

In September, Pope Francis visited the United States, where he addressed the U.S. Congress. His address, while nuanced, hit on social justice themes. The Pope’s remarks were well received by left-of-center politicians who embrace progressive policies. When the Pope left the U.S., he traveled to Latin America, where he spoke in his native Spanish and was more direct. While in Bolivia, Pope Francis had this to say: “Let us not be afraid to say it: we want change, real change,...

Still Needed: Stronger Welfare Reform
Cato Institute • Thursday, Jul 23

We all — not just our presidential candidates — need to focus on welfare reform. Last week, the House Ways and Means Committee’s Subcommittee on Human Resources began considering draft legislation to reauthorize welfare reform for the first time in five years. (The Temporary Assistance for Needy Families [TANF] program has essentially drifted along through a series of continuing resolutions and other short-term extensions since 2010.) The reauthorization, then,...

Election 2016: Dumbing down American politics, Lawrence Lessig, and the Presidency
Brookings Institution • Thursday, Aug 27

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published by the Institute of Governmental Studies. Thomas Mann is also Resident Scholar at IGS.Donald Trump and the Amen chorus of Republican presidential aspirants may have appeared to monopolize the capacity to make fantastical claims about what’s wrong with America and how to fix it. But a rival has appeared on the scene, outlining a very different fantasy plan to run for president on the Democratic side of the aisle.Harvard...

Andy Kohut, RIP
American Enterprise Institute • Wednesday, Sep 9

On the Pew Research Center’s website on Tuesday morning were the results of a new poll on the Iran deal. Unlike many other surveys taken on the agreement, this poll was not a single question, but a deep and careful exploration of attitudes. It probed public awareness of the agreement, general feelings about Iran, and finally opinions about the deal.Although Andy Kohut, the founding director of the Pew Research Center, did not design this poll, it revealed his fine hand. Kohut, who...


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