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How a Catholic Cardinal Is Responding to the Assault on Marriage and Family
Heritage Foundation • Tuesday, Sep 15

STEUBENVILLE, Ohio—Pope Francis’s visit to the United States next week will coincide with a meeting of Catholic bishops from all over the world to discuss some of the most pertinent issues facing the church. For a society that’s become increasingly secularized, the upcoming World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia will be an opportunity for bishops to discuss a number of issues. Students at Franciscan University of Steubenville got a preview earlier this month from Cardinal...

North Korea’s Audaciousness Changes The Status-Quo In Northeast Asia
East-West Center • Tuesday, Mar 8

Eunjung Lim, lecturer at Johns Hopkins University, explains that “it is noteworthy and encouraging that Washington and Beijing reached an agreement on a draft resolution that was unanimously adopted at the UN Security Council.”The views expressed in this publication are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the policy or position of the East-West Center or any organization with which the author is affiliated.

Practical Considerations With Using Mobile Phone Survey Incentives: Experiences In Ghana And Tanzania - Working Paper 431
Center for Global Development • Monday, Jul 25

As mobile phone surveys are gaining popularity among researchers and practitioners in international development, one primary challenge is improving survey response and completion rates. A common solution is to provide monetary compensation to respondents. This paper reports on our experience with using incentives with a mobile phone survey conducted in Ghana and Tanzania in June 2015.    We find that extrinsic incentives – transfers of airtime – improve...

The Trouble In Turkey Is Far From Over
Center for the National Interest • Saturday, Jul 16

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan appears to have successfully stopped the military coup launched against him last night. It was a bloody affair—images circulated on social media of civilian protesters torn apart by heavy-weapons fire, of helicopters firing into or near crowds, and of pro-coup soldiers abused and even beheaded by Erdogan’s supporters. Yet it could have been far, far worse, and the international aftershocks of the event may still be severe.While it remains...

Upcoming Book Forum—Michael Doyle, “The Question Of Intervention”
Cato Institute • Thursday, Feb 4

On February 18th at noon, Cato will be hosting a book forum with Columbia University professor Michael Doyle on his new book The Question of Intervention: John Stuart Mill and the Responsibility to Protect.  The forum will include a presentation of Doyle’s conception of the key standards that should guide decisions to intervene militarily abroad, followed by responses from two distinguished discussants—Anne-Marie Slaughter (President and CEO of New America, and former...

To Keep Guantanamo Open, Conservative Senators Push To Declassify Detainee Records
Heritage Foundation • Wednesday, Jun 8

President Barack Obama is running out of time to fulfill his campaign promise to close the military prison at Guantanamo Bay and bring some detainees to the United States. As the last months of Obama’s term approach, a new Republican measure could now make that a political impossibility. An amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act spearheaded by Sens. David Perdue, R-Ga., and Tom Cotton, R-Ark., would require the director of national intelligence to declassify and make...

Fed Reacts to Job Reports, Why Doesn't Department of Labor?
Competitive Enterprise Institute • Friday, Oct 2

We had another jobs report below expectations this morning, coupled with a rare revision downwards of last month’s jobs report. This ends a summer of jobs reports that have revealed just how soft the economy is. The economy added just 142,000 jobs last month, well below economists’ expectations of 230,000. Moreover, the numbers for August were revised downwards by a substantial amount—37,000—which is something that usually only happens during recessions. Hourly wages even went...

Bad IMF Advice For China
American Enterprise Institute • Friday, Oct 30

In the context of China’s bid for its currency to be included in the IMF’s Special Drawing Right (SDR) basket, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) seems to be dispensing poor policy advice to China with respect to its exchange rate and external capital account management. By pushing the Chinese policymakers to further liberalize their country’s exchange rate and to open up their capital account at this delicate juncture for both the Chinese and the global...

The New Face Of Solidarity
Open Society Foundations • Tuesday, Aug 16

A year ago, in August 2015, a group of racial justice leaders gathered in Nashville, Tennessee, for a Solidarity Summit, an initiative to create spaces of learning and inquiry around multiracial solidarity.In Nashville, we learned from organizations such as the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition, from community members active with the local Black Lives Matter chapter, and from advocates mobilizing American Muslims in the area. We also had many meaningful, messy, and...

The upside down world of marijuana legalization
Brookings Institution • Tuesday, Oct 20

Marijuana is being legalized in an upside down fashion. States are passing a wide variety of laws. There are states that tightly control the use of medicinal marijuana only, states that effectively decriminalize possession but don’t allow the sale of marijuana and states like Colorado and Washington that have fully permitted using, growing and selling. On the one hand, this is an admirable exercise in federalism, allowing different states with different political cultures to...

Cooperation, the key to mitigating climate change in Latin America and the Caribbean
World Bank • Wednesday, Sep 30

Mountain climbers and skiers are witness to major changes in the Andean landscape over the past few decades. The main snow-covered peaks of the Andes have already lost between 30% and 50% of their glaciers. Climate models predict that this massive loss will continue in the coming decades as a result of global warming. The impact of climate change also will affect coastal cities, infrastructure, agriculture, woodlands, human health, water systems and ecosystems. The global and...

Insights on global digital policy
Brookings Institution • Thursday, Jul 23

Inclusion, social justice, and the bridging of the digital divide around the world are important issues within Internet governance. Two-thirds of the world population currently lacks Internet access. Residents of any country should have Internet access regardless of gender, income, or locale. This is the responsibility of the global community, not just national governments. It is in the mutual interest of nations to ensure that people can freely express themselves and communicate...

America's middle class is hurting, and that's why Trump is popular
Brookings Institution • Monday, Sep 28

The 2016 presidential race has become an outsider’s game, with candidates relying on scapegoats for what ails America. This is shaping up to be the most fascinating – and unpredictable – Presidential race of my lifetime and I bet many voters, even those much younger than I (for the record, I’m 65) feel the same way.Already, most inside-the-Beltway pundits have been proven wrong: the 2016 race so far has been an outsider’s game: Donald Trump, Ben...

Congress Shouldn't Buy In To A Cadillac Tax Delay
Heritage Foundation • Monday, Dec 14

As Obamacare’s implosion continues to unfold, Democrat lawmakers have been desperate to postpone some of the law’s most adverse impacts on Americans. Now it appears K Street lobbyists have convinced some Republican lawmakers to join their Democrat colleagues by attempting to delay the so-called “Cadillac tax,” which is an excise tax on all plans offered by employers above a specified amount. Why is this? Simply put, Democrats own Obamacare’s outcomes, and they’re...

Prince Saud al-Faisal, the Saudi who was Washington’s wisest ally
Brookings Institution • Friday, Jul 10

Saudi Prince Saud al-Faisal bin Abd Al Aziz Al Saud, who died early Friday at age 75, was the kingdom’s foreign minister for 40 years. He was a key player in every Middle East crisis for those years and, through war and peace, was a dignified, calm voice advocating his country’s interests. His touch will be missed. Prince Saud was the son of King Faisal who presided over a critical transition in the 1960s and ‘70s. The kingdom’s founder, Ibn Saud, died...

Obama’s Overreach On Gun Control
Center for the National Interest • Wednesday, Jan 6

Frustrated by his inability to bend Congress to his will, President Barack Obama has once more picked up his trusty pen and phone and issued a series of ‘executive actions’ on gun control.While there may be a budgetary impact, several (but not all) of the president’s proposals are not controversial from a legal standpoint, although they may be controversial from a political or public policy standpoint.What the President AnnouncedThe president is asking Congress to provide funding...

How The US Must Respond To China’s Rejection Of South China Sea Court Decision
Heritage Foundation • Thursday, Jul 14

An arbitration court accepted claims made by the Philippines against China in the South China Sea, however, China’s refusal to obey the court’s decision requires a swift, but measured response from the United States. On Tuesday, the Permanent Court of Arbitration based in The Hague, Netherlands, handed down its final decision in The Republic of Philippines v. The People’s Republic of China, the case concerning ongoing maritime disputes in the South China Sea. As expected, the...

The Digital Divide: A Challenge To Overcome In Tackling Climate Change
World Bank • Thursday, Jan 14

Try to imagine a world without the Internet. Impossible, isn’t it? Over the past 25 years, the Internet has become the nervous system of our society, interconnecting all the different parts of our everyday lives. Our social interactions, ways of doing business, traveling and countless other activities are supported and governed by this technology. At this very moment, just over three billion people are connected to the Internet, 105 billion emails are being sent, two million blog...

4 Lessons About America's Role In The World
Center for the National Interest • Wednesday, Mar 23

It is difficult to think of another election season in modern history in which so many traditional tenets of U.S. foreign policy were being questioned. This is understandable at some level. The United States has fallen far short of its aspirations in its foreign policy, and it seems that conflicts and threats, rather than opportunities, are dominating our relations with virtually every region of the world.Recent statements, however, not only by our presidential candidates but also...

What The Washington Post Gets Wrong About Free Markets
Cato Institute • Thursday, Oct 22

This morning, the Washington Post ran an article titled, “How free markets make us fatter, poorer and less happy.” Actually, the data suggest the exact opposite: free markets make us healthier, richer and happier.  Free markets make us healthier  First, the authors argue that free markets result in an abundance of temptations, such as candy and fattening food, and that encourages obesity. Obesity is a problem, but let’s put matters in proper...


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