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Wells Fargo Tells Knives Dealer It Doesn't Provide Service To Businesses That Sell Weapons Online
Heritage Foundation • Wednesday, Aug 10

A major knives manufacturer from central California says his company was denied access to an internet payment processing service because they sell weapons online, raising questions about whether an anti-fraud program called Operation Choke Point is continuing to block legal businesses in the firearms and weapons industries from accessing basic banking services. “It was pretty simple and straightforward,” Aaron Hogue, co-owner of Hogue Inc., said of the situation he faced with Wells...

The Selection Effects Of Tied Health Insurance Contracts
American Enterprise Institute • Monday, Nov 23

Abstract:Employers typically offer one of two types of health plans: tied contracts (coverage ends at retirement) or retiree contracts (coverage continues in retirement). In comparison to a retiree plan, a tied contract provides an obvious incentive to delay retirement, but which workers stay? Some papers suggest that the sickest workers are most likely to stay, because they presumably attach the highest value to health insurance. It seems odd, however, that a firm would...

Most Americans Say Government Doesn’t Do Enough To Help Middle Class
Pew Research Center • Thursday, Feb 4

And as voters begin casting the first ballots in the 2016 presidential election, neither political party is widely viewed as supportive of the middle class in this country.A national survey by Pew Research Center, conducted Dec. 8-13, 2015, among 1,500 adults, finds that 62% say the federal government does not do enough for middle-class people, compared with just 29% who say it does the right amount and 6% who say it does too much. These views have changed little since 2011.And...

China’s Discomfort In An American World
American Enterprise Institute • Thursday, Oct 22

Pupils stand to form a giant Chinese national flag to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, at a primary school in Dexing, Jiangxi province September 22, 2009. ReutersKey Points:China has reemerged as a great power in a world order created and dominated by the United States, and that order has had a profound effect on China’s development.China possesses three personalities. It acts as a civilizational empire, a nation-state, and a...

IWP Holds Book Event For The Grand Strategy That Won The Cold War: Architecture Of Triumph
Institute of World Politics • Monday, Feb 29

On February 24th, IWP hosted a panel discussion on the relationship between President Ronald Reagan and the conclusion of the Cold War, guided by the arguments of the book, The Grand Strategy That Won the Cold War: Architecture of Triumph. This book featured several IWP faculty members as editors and contributors, specifically: Dr. Douglas E. Streusand, Dr. Norman A. Bailey, and Dr. John Lenczowski. The panel of experts was composed of Dr. Streusand, Dr. Francis H. Marlo, and Dr....

The Constitution’s Lost Clauses
Heritage Foundation • Thursday, Oct 29

Those who drafted the Constitution and subsequent amendments labored over every word that would be included in our charter of liberty. But today some clauses have limited application and others have been swept under the rug entirely. Have you ever heard of the Contract Clause, the Coinage Clause, or the Origination Clause? The Pacific Legal Foundation is trying to make the latter a household name with its new challenge to the Affordable Care Act. Another constitutional provision...

Transfer Of U.S.-Bound Cubans: A Failed Operation?
Center for Immigration Studies • Wednesday, Mar 16

As Costa Rica and Panama conclude the transfer of U.S.-bound Cubans to Mexico, it is worth asking: Was this plan a success or a failure? After Nicaragua closed its border to the islanders last November, approximately 8,000 Cuban illegal aliens were stranded in Costa Rica and could not continue their journey through Central America to the United States. As a result, Costa Rica deemed itself responsible to protect the migrant's human rights and provide a "safe" and "legal"...

Spreading Access To Finance Across Ghana, One New Customer At A Time
Open Society Foundations • Thursday, Feb 25

In a small regional capital in Ghana, a mobile banker for GN Bank recently stopped by the stall of a market vendor to talk to him about opening an account. The vendor was hesitant—he had never had a bank account before—but decided to return the next day with a deposit. When he did, he was carrying GhS 40,000—about US$10,000.  GN Bank’s mobile bankers, who travel by foot deep into the country’s markets, know better than anyone that banking is all about trust. In Ghana, there are six...

Are Americans Still Patriotic? What Polls Reveal
Heritage Foundation • Saturday, Jul 4

American Enterprise Institute published a public opinion report evaluating Americans’ sense of patriotism. The report compiled information from various studies, including those done by Pew Research Center, The New York Times and National Opinion Research Center. Here are some key findings: 1. Most Americans consider themselves patriotic. According to a Pew Research study from February 2014, 65 percent of respondents ranked themselves between 8-10 on a ten point scale when asked if...

Relatively few U.S. Catholics skipped annulment because of cost or complications
Pew Research Center • Wednesday, Sep 9

Pope Francis has announced major changes to the Roman Catholic Church’s procedures for marriage annulments. While the new changes are aimed at making annulments faster and less expensive, a recent Pew Research Center survey found that most divorced U.S. Catholics who did not seek annulments did not cite the complicated nature of the process as a reason.The Catholic Church teaches that marriages are unbreakable unions, and thus remarrying after a divorce (without an annulment) is a...

Why The U.S.-China Cyber Spying Ban Will Inevitably Fail
Center for the National Interest • Sunday, Nov 1

On a cool fall day in late September, President Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping stood together in the White House Rose Garden and pledged “that neither country’s government will conduct or knowingly support cyber-enabled theft of intellectual property (IP), including trade secrets, or other confidential business information, with the intent of providing competitive advantage to companies or commercial sectors.” Obama added that the U.S. government would be watching closely...

The future of government is open
World Bank • Tuesday, Sep 1

The World Bank Group sees the pillars of a more open and citizen centric government--transparency, citizen participation, and collaboration--as strategic priorities in its work on governance because they suggest concrete ways to promote shared prosperity. Having made significant strides to increasing openness in the Bank's own work, we seek to build on this progress to support client governments in their own efforts to make the development process more inclusive.  Within the...

Corporate Speed Dating: Coupling India’s Smart Cities with Smart Investment for Sustainability
Worldwatch Institute • Wednesday, Jun 17

Building off nearly 10 months of extensive public and private sector consultation, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi began in April to green-light initial projects under the country’s Smart Cities Initiative (SCI). The SCI benchmarks, formulated in response to rapid urban population growth, aim to modernize environmentally sustainable transport, housing, utility, and connectivity services for 100 new or refurbished cities across the subcontinent. But how these projects will...

The US Needs More Flexible Labor Markets
Brookings Institution • Friday, Jul 8

The United States is often thought to have an exceptionally fluid labor market, with workers able to easily move across states in response to changing economic conditions. Unfortunately, the famously flexible U.S. labor market has quietly become much less so. Workers are switching jobs at ever lower rates and moving across states less frequently since at least the 1970s. These declines are uneven in magnitude but consistent across states. Workers are also changing occupations...

If The EB-5 Developer Can't Count The Zeroes, Look For Another Broker
Center for Immigration Studies • Tuesday, Mar 15

An as example of how slipshod some EB-5 offers can be, here's a developer who has run an uncorrected proposal on the Internet for weeks that manages to confuse $1.575 billion with $157.5 million. The EB-5 program offers a family-sized set of green cards to aliens ponying up $500,000 investments. The proposal sounds, at first, to be interesting: The proposal is to replace 7,500 (remaining) pay phones "with new structures called Links." Just how this will generate profits is not...

Shady Marketing Claims For "Green" Cleaning Products
Competitive Enterprise Institute • Wednesday, Mar 30

Serena Ng of The Wall Street Journal reports today on the murky world of marketing for “green” and “natural” household products. Ads for these flower-scented and creatively-named brands often claim—or, at least, strongly imply—that they are safer and healthier that mainstream cleaning and deodorizing agents. Such claims are often made even when both products are chemically similar or borderline identical.  Ng points out that Nature’s Power laundry detergent, sold proudly by Whole...

Salt Lake City: Help An Illegal Alien Identity Thief And Get A 60% Discount On Parking Fines
Center for Immigration Studies • Monday, Aug 15

Salt Lake City has long been a sanctuary city — in a sanctuary state. So, it is not surprising that the mayor allows people to pay their "extremely" overdue parking fines at a 60 percent discount in exchange for a $10 donation to (among other groups) Comunidades Unidas, an organization whose nine-person board has two members from a law firm that openly touts its expertise in defending illegal alien identity thieves. According to the Immigrant Defenders Law Group PLLC website,...

New Hampshire Legislators Seek School Choice Solution
Cato Institute • Thursday, Apr 21

New Hampshire legislators are working to end a legal battle between a small town and state education bureaucrats over the town’s school choice program. The town of Croydon (2010 population: 764) has fewer than 100 elementary-and-secondary-school-aged students. Unsurprisingly, the town found it was not cost effective to run its own K-12 school system. Instead, the town runs a very small K-4 district school and had a longstanding, exclusive agreement with a neighboring district...

Why The United States Must Continue To Embrace NATO To Counter Aggressive Russia
Heritage Foundation • Friday, Jul 22

Sixty-seven years ago yesterday, the U.S. Senate ratified the North Atlantic Treaty, creating NATO. Ravaged by two world wars, and faced with the very real existential threat of the Soviet Union, European democracies allied with the U.S. and Canada created a security pact with collective defense at its core. The United States lost over half a million soldiers combined in World War I and World War II and recognized that its national interest resided in fostering a secure and...

The Global Urban Footprint: A Map Of Nearly Every Human Settlement On Earth
World Bank • Thursday, Jun 9

Urbanization is increasingly central to the global development process, but until recently, basic spatial information on the world’s urban areas has been unavailable, inconsistent, or unreliable.The lack of consistent data on the world’s cities makes it hard to understand the overall impact of urbanization.However, innovations in geospatial mapping are now helping to provide one major piece of the puzzle:maps of practically all built-up areas around the world are available thanks...


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