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  • 2nd Annual Wharton DC Innovation Summit:
    Connect - Create - Transform

    Wharton Club of DC

    Healthcare & Wellness Innovation & Technology Medicine Workshop Networking

    Tuesday, Apr 28, 2015 at 8:00 am

    ×Vision without execution is hallucination. - Walter Isaacson, author of current bestseller, The Innovators If you are an innovator or work around innovators, you’re in good company. Yet you face a nagging challenge: How do you improve your chance of success – for yourself and your team?  Our 2015 Wharton DC Innovation Summit directly answers that challenge. Join our 2-Day April conference. And the earlier you sign up, the greater the benefits you'll receive, including lower prices and access to our opening evening reception - which has limited capacity. Only Early Bird signups can be guaranteed admission to that. Meet top innovation thought leaders from...