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  • 2014 Wharton DC Innovation Summit: Linking Innovators to National & Global Resources

    Wharton Club of DC

    Michael Chasen, Sonal Shah, Jeff Geschwind, S.A. Ibrahim, George Day, Jennifer Elisseeff

    Tuesday, Apr 29, 2014

    ×2014 Wharton Club of DC Innovation SummitApril 29-30, 2014FHI 360 Conference Center (Dupont Circle), Washington, DC“Innovation is a change that creates a new dimension of performance.” - Peter DruckerThe inaugural Innovation Summit is hosted by the Wharton Club of DC with the support of other major business and alumni groups in the DMV area. Open for anyone to attend and ideal for startups and established innovators alike, the Summit offers a fluid forum for open idea-sharing around creativity and purposeful, positive change to produce better innovation results.With 135+ keynote and other speakers in 48 sessions, and attendees from 150+ companies and other organizations...