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  • Conference: How Can Policymakers Help Build the Internet of Things?

    Center for Data Innovation

    Brian Schatz, Dan Hoffman, Neil Chilson, Sokwoo Rhee, Alexa Marrero, Daniel Castro, and more

    Thursday, Dec 4, 2014 at 1:00 pm

    ×The Internet of Things represents the idea that ordinary objects—from thermostats and shoes to cars and lamp posts—will be embedded with sensors and connected to the Internet. Many of these changes will be subtle and go unnoticed by consumers, but the long-term effect could ultimately have an enormously positive impact on individuals and society. For example, efforts to reduce unnecessary energy usage will be accelerated by devices that automatically regulate energy usage in the home and office, while health care costs and outcomes can be improved with wearable medical technologies that help individuals track their health and monitor chronic conditions. Over the long term,...